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Expecting a cria 2008 ,2009,2010,2011 etc..
Take a peek into Lil' Patch of Heavens' past and future.....lets take a look.











 Although I haven't updated this page in forever I like to keep it up just to show you the process and results of breeding one color and type of alpaca to another. I hope it helps you in any way. Please ask me if you have any questions. I have been doing this for many years and would love to pass on my knowledge.

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 EXPECTING A CRIA FOR 2008 & 2009 & 2010 & 2011


          Dam                      Sire                       Cria

       PRAF Amaris                   FireStar of the North         LPOH StormStar (ml)

      Lancaster's Dana                PRAF Remington             Daphne of LPOH(fe)

 MLA Brandywine /  LPOH Macusani Thunder Dawson  / LPOH Britney Baby

                                                                                           Fe 10/27/08 LB

  LPOH  Summer WildflowerMist *Rettington del Reino     LPOH Noah del Reino(ml)




MLA Champagne Chandra * Rettington del Reino  *  LPOH Camilla Dusty Rose



         PRAF Winnie                               Copernicus           LPOH Willow Cloud (fe)


 LPOH Summer                      FireStar of the North * LPOH SapphireStar(fe) 

 Wildflower Mist

LPOH Hemiaccoyo MochaStar * FireStar of the North* LPOH MarleeStar Debutante

Lancaster's  Dana              FireStar of the North         LPOH DelaneyStar Elegante

praf Amaris                           FireStar of the North    LPOH AramisStar Elite(ml)              

MLA Brandywine                 FireStar of the North      LPOH BrightStar Perfection

MLA Champagne Chandra /LPOH Macusani Thunder Dawson      LPOH Champagne

                                                                                                XXXtreme (ml)

LPOH Chaya Desiree                     Dawson                        LPOH Cherish Desiree (fe)

Lancaster's Dana          Straightfork Peruvian Strongbow   lpoh Denali Protocol

LPOH Britney Baby                  FierStar of the North       Aug. 8, 2012

MLA Brandywine              FireStar of the North                          2012

LPOH Summer Wildflower Mist/ Rettington del Reino  LPOH Summer's Painted Pony 


LPOH MochaStar               LPOH  Shadow Lancaster      LPOH Molly Mollassy 

Winnie                                     Remington              LPOH Spot On Winchester (ml)

        praf Amaris                  LPOH Royal Brandon        LPOH Amari (fe) 

Daphne of lpoh                FireStar of the North     (ml) LPOH DreamStar

praf Amaris              Shadow Lancaster ( Indy)   LPOH Amaretta (fe) 12/9/11

lpoh Hemiaccoyo MochaStar     FireStar of the North  (fe) LPOH Hemiaccoyo Mocha Maddy

lpoh Summer Wildflower Mist     lpoh Shadow Lancaster     (ml) LPOH Summer's Splash

lpoh Camilla Rose                  FireStar of the North       (fe) LPOH CarmineStar

lpoh BrightStar Perfection           praf Remington                         2012

Daphne of LPOH                                  LPOH Dawson                                LPOH Delilah (fe) beige 06/12