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Silky puppies for sale
Looking forward to the summer! With your new little Silky bestfriend.508-509-1132 or scroll down for more details and pictures.  

  Sassywags Joeyroo

  Sassywags Kestrel of Lil' Patch

   Sassywags Hemingway Silver

  Karlee Come to Me

 Sassywags Kendra of Lil' Patch

 Sassywags Sundee Mist

  Sassywags Lilly of Lil' Patch




  AKC registered puppies

 An accepted  member in EXCELLENT STANDING for

over 27 years. 




 Healthy and sweet Silky puppies will make very excellent pets for people of every age and don't forget hypo-allergenic and shed free.
I place my puppies at an affordable price and you get a quality high end puppy to stay with you for a life time.

I breed  parents that are conscientiously picked for complimentary characteristics that produce top quality offspring with appropriate appearance and temperament based on the AKC standard .   You can see the quality difference in my dogs at first glance.
Many folks have come back and bought another brother or sister to take home.
All my puppies are AKC registered and make great pets with a wonderful temperament and impeccable conformation. Don't settle for less because of price. These little dogs will be yours for a lifetime. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder that has been breeding a long time and has references. This will be year twenty as a breeder and a member in good standing with AKC. References available at request.





         Happy Puppies!











Please contact me for these beautiful AKC Silky Terrier puppies now. 508-509-1132

                              or email me @ sassypooh247@aol.com


 If for any reason you do not receive an email from me within a day please call me . It's a busy time of the year on the farm and sometimes i just don't get to the computer as quickly as I'd like . I will return your call asap!  


Thank you so much and have a wonderful day ! Susanna

                               God Bless    



                                             Life is great !    Puppy LOVE !



















Puppies are available for deposit. Call  508-509-1132 and come over to see just how amazing they are in person and take one home to be your new life long companion. Plus  visit Cape Cod and see the natural beauty and pleasant warm temperatures that we have in Summer and  Fall!

     Puppies make everyone happy !!!! 

If you don't hear back from me in a day by email , please , please call.




If the timing isn't perfect to add a new family member to your home bit you really want a puppy to love , I use the Square Reader card charger. It is now possible to make payments on your puppy.  I will also always taking deposits for future litters . If  you would enjoy a loving lifelong companion ,let me know.   sassypooh247@aol.com or call



 Thinking about adding a new loving adorable companion with to your family now ! Puppies are priced  accordingly at 10 weeks or otherwise noted but please call to find out who is available and the price. thank you.....  Please call or email for  additional information. Thank you very much ~    





     Call now !  508-509-1132 FOR YOUR NEW PUPPY!













Puppies  are available! Call for deposit.

To stay safe during these trying times I will not be showing puppies at my home . Pick.up will.be held outside for everyone's safety. 

Payment can be thru credit card , PayPal,  or Venmo.













Great news ! We , at  Sassywags will no longer dock tails  ! All puppies will have their adorable God given tails to wag with joy ! 

There are many reasons for this decision and  one is that  for the past many  years when AKC standard was to dock the Silkies tail I heartbreakingly complied but now that AKC accepts non docked tails into the show world I am thrilled to say that no more tails will be docked here !

Another reason is that when God created the Silky Terrier He did so with a tail .The tail balances a Silky , they use it as an expression and to show their moods and personalities. They use it to express themselves and use it as a form of communication to other dogs. It's a great thing  and i am so pleased that all my here  puppies will be  happily wagging their tails ! 

 Just a fact , in  Australia and Europe it is illegal to dock tails.



    Happy Spring to you and all God's  creations  from all of us at Lil' Patch of Heaven !                                                                                                                  



    Best Always , Love and thank you from

Susanna and all the Silkies

May your year always  be full of love , warm  puppy kisses AND LOTS OF SASSYWAGS ! 


All monies collected from the sale of puppies is donated back to the care , feeding and maintenance of the Silkies and farm animals.









Contact  me for any questions or to place a

deposit *****  Susanna

Want a puppy but don't have the money right now? An easy and safe way to pay is through PAY PAL. Set up a PAY PAL account and choose your method of payment.You may make periodic payments when you order a puppy until the pick up date.

  Also accepted is any major credit or debit card processed thru The SQUARE  Card Reader I charge an extra 50.00 for all credit and debit card purchases.

Use my email address sassypooh247 @aol.com  and choose either a credit card , debit card or check as a payment method. It's simple and easy and best of all its immediate to secure your puppy. Call me if you have any questions.

All puppies are $2200.

A $300 deposit will hold your baby!

sassypooh247@aol.com      or call  1-508-509-1132


                                         Terms of Sale                                                        


All puppies come with a  record of shots and dewormings and health guarantee . The puppy will have had its first  puppy shots and a series of puppy deworming before going home .


All deposits are non refundable. This is mainly to make sure that your purpose in adding your puppy to your family has been thoroughly thought through so that your puppy will remain with you throught his or her lifetime and never abandoned to a rescue or worse.


If ever an unexpected tragedy or family problem does arise and you are unable to care for your Silky anymore, please consider bringing him or her back to me first. I will either find a new home for him or provide him with a stable home here .


I do not usually ship although occasionally i will consider it on Delta Airlines.

It might be a long drive to the Cape to pick up your puppy but it will be well worth the trip.

I find shipping to be very stressful on a young puppy and not worth the risk to his or her well being.

The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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