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Sassy's Silky's
AKC Silky Terriers

HI , I'm Mandy and this is me at 11 weeks... aren't i cute? My mom loves me very much....she can't help it!  

All my doggy family and friends are AKC registered Silky Terriers .We are small  but we are brave and love to do all sorts of things that much bigger dogs do. We are very healthy and smart and just plain wonderful!

I'm older now... 4 months and still cute........................can you tell i'm spoiled!


This is me getting ready to be groomed... i just love all the attention. Mom shampoos me and conditions me with her own shampoo and conditioner  and then just combs my much longer silky hair out and VOILA i'm sauve and sassy again!
I'm a little older now and i think  i could be a movie star!... Look at those dreamy eyes and that nose!    wow! 

This is me Mandy,  full grown... its a great life.. 

I live on an alpaca farm,(still not sure what they are ) and we have horses and goats and ducks , geese chickens and rabbits. My mom loves all animals!


Well.. enough about me.....for now...wink...

I have alot of silky friends to talk about yet. Its a wonderful family.. we take care of each other and play play play all day. Does it get any better?

So without further adeiu, i always wanted to say that,  must be the star in me!,

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