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docking tails or not?

To my friends,

 I have been breeding Silky Terriers for over 20 years by the AKC ruling of docked tails and I feel that is is time that I spoke out.

Although I have done all I can do to make the docking of tails as less traumatic as possible it is the removal of a God given part of the puppies body that is removed by us , their beloved caretakers.

After doing some research on the subject i realized that there  are many people that are standing up and speaking out about the cruelty.

Oh , yes , there is a lot of controversy. Some agree and the others believe that the reason for tail removal is because the breed hurts it's own tail by wagging? !  Yes, the Silky was originally bred to scare up small animals out of their burrows and in so doing ,hurt their own tails?? 

I decided to challenge this and left one puppy boy with an intact tail. He will remain my pet and I will observe this tail odyessy. I'll take pictures and show them to you as he matures.

My hope is that AKC rules that we as breeders and pet owners have a choice as to whether our puppies have intact tails or not. There are Coalitions out there that support this cause not just for the Silky but for the numerous other breeds that are required to have SOME PART OF THEIR BODIES REMOVED in order to comply  with AKC or other registries.

Is this a style or a necessity?

Let me know your thoughts.

Sincerely , Susanna Herring

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